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Helping grad students plan their journey to private practice

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Hi, I'm Cori White.  I graduated from my master's in counseling program in 2017 - and within only three years I had a 6-figure practice, four weeks of vacation, and a caseload of clients that I loved working with.

And I didn't take out any big loans, go into debt, or borrow money to it. I didn't have a degree in business, or any special training that you don't have.


I did it by planning my journey while I was still in grad school. And you can, too.

Work With Me

I work with counselors in a variety of ways, depending on where they are in their journey. 

What My Coaching Clients Say About Me

Cori has been a fantastic asset and a wonderful source of knowledge and guidance in my own journey of building a private practice. She has amazing insights into what it takes to effectively reach your goals and create a practice that reflects your own vision and plan for your career as a therapist. Cori willingly shared all of the experience she gained and lessons she learned from starting her own practice and her generous sharing of these valuable practices makes the process of building a practice seem exciting and achievable. Her joy and enthusiasm for her practice work and her coaching is very evident in her coaching sessions. Cori has inspired me to aim high and believe in my own goals and aspirations for bringing hope, healing, and transformation to the people who I will help through my efforts as a psychologist and psychotherapist.

-Dr. Jeff Leoni, Psychologist

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