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Money & Systems Spring Retreat for Therapists in Private Practice (...and those who want to be!)

Join me on May 20th from 10AM-3PM for my 2023 Spring Therapist Retreat

Where: Reading, PA

This next retreat day is focused on three things I love most about being an entrepreneur:

1. Talking about MONEY! 

2.  Learning how to create business SYSTEMS to make your life easier!

3.  Creating COMMUNITY of therapists who care about the clinical work AND building a financially secure future (with lots of vacations)

*This is a small group experience, so sign up now to make sure you're in :)

Learn How To Be A

Kick Ass

Therapist Entrepreneur

Connect with really cool therapists

Create Systems & Strategies for Financial Security
(& vacations!)

Leave Feeling Energized & Ready To Create Your Best Life

Who Is This Retreat For??

Here's the deal: this retreat might not be for you.  So here's a quick checklist to help you determine either way.

This retreat is FOR you if...

-You have a new private practice OR you want to start one within the next 1-3 years (planning ahead is **so important**)

-You want to learn more about business and being an entrepreneur

-You want to be a part of a community of therapists who dream big: clinically & entrepreneurial-ly

-You want to understand what "business systems" are - and how you can use them in your business (ASAP or one day!)

-You want to talk about money and how you can make it

This retreat is NOT for you if...

-You have a group practice (this retreat is focused on solo-preneurs)

-You don't ever see yourself owning a business

-You're not interested in networking with other clinicians in this way

-You don't like curse words.  I curse a-fucking-lot, it's part of my charm.


Knowing about *money* and *business systems* helped me create the life I want to live.  My system has allowed me to:

-Create a 6-figure income for myself
-Take 4-5 weeks of vacation per year
-Completely disconnect from my practice when I'm away
-Create different streams of income so I'm not just seeing clients 1-to-1
-Design my schedule to work 3-4 days per week

Why A Retreat?

In addition to giving therapists the tools to create successful practices, I believe in the power of real self care.  Not bubbles baths & shit (nothing against bubbles or baths.)  I'm talking about deep and meaningful self care that comes from really understanding yourself.  The retreat format allows you to combine learning about business with strategies to implement them in ways you won't burn out.

The retreat days I create are meant to feel both grounding and energizing.  That's what I believe is the key to creating the therapist lives we want to live.

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