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2023 Get Your Goals
Mini-Retreat for Therapists

The GYG Retreat is created from the strategy I've used EVERY YEAR to make my goals come to life.


Using that system, here are just a few goals I've checked off in 2022:

  • I took four full weeks of vacation

  • I made over 6 figures through my clinical work

  • I worked 30 hour work weeks (or less!) consistently

  • I raised my rates & got all clients to my full fee

  • Increased my passive income

  • I created a second business

  • I visited a new country (Jamaica!!) and took many other small vacations along the way


I create goals that support my lifestyle - because I did NOT go to grad school to BUST MY ASS.

The GYG Mini Retreat is for you if:

  • You're ready to plan your year

  • You need some help creating goals that align with the career you want

  • You want to create a FABULOUS lifestyle, not just build a business

  • You want the community of a small group of counselors who have big dreams and are ready to go after them

What does the retreat include?

  • Meditations for vision making

  • Ways to identify good goals for the vision of your year

  • Goal planning for your FUN goals, financial goals, career & business goals!

  • Group sharing to get feedback on goals & strategies

  • A goal planning book designed by me based on my annual strategy for visioning and goal setting

  • A yearly planner

  • FOOD from local small businesses!

  • Some really freaking AWESOME company

I'm offering the retreat twice:

  • Friday January 6th, 4PM-9PM

  • Saturday January 7th, 10AM-3PM (SOLD OUT)

Early bird pricing is $199 for the retreat.

Early bird pricing ends December 21st.

Ready to join us?  Reserve your spot below:

2023 Get Your Goals Mini Retreat

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